Monday, June 8, 2009


Thank God It Was Sunday!!!
Thank God it was French Open men's finals...
Thank God Federer was in it and Nadal was not...PHHEWWWW!!!!

so a few of us Federer Fanatics decided that we ought to watch the match on a biiiig screen. cheer our favourite player because it was an important day for him. and we did just that.

The Sports Bar, Phoenix Mills.
The gear - blue jeans and a customized blood red t-shirt that had the RF logo and a quote on the back that goes - "In an age of specialists, you're either a hard court specialist, a clay court specialist or a grass court specialist. Or you're ROGER FEDERER.."

and us beautiful women flaunting big time!!! it was a good match. He was perfection epitomized. He's back to his old lethal, precision-centric self. How i adore him!!! well...he broke the French jinx and now we can't wait for Wimbledon.


PS: was about to put up a picture of the three of us who wore the t-shirt. but decided against it. for the benefit of all those people who belong to the fortunate few that havent seen me....yet! :p


rabbit said...

u should have posted the pic... grrrrrr

Kulpreet said...

RF rocks. He was always the best. A little spate of bad luck cannot stop a legend like him. I am sure Wimbledon will prove it.

Still thinking said...

And I'm sure all of you cried along with the legendary baby :p

Pesto Sauce said...

Federer is best ever

Better than Sampras & Becker; in same league as Roy Emerson & Rod Laver

mohitparikh said...

Dare you to flaunt the t-shirt the day he is up against the Mighty Nadal. :P

sanely insane said...

and he delivered...big time...didnt he :P

Running in circles. said...

And I just read your twitter update thingy.
And I'm going to kidnap you and hide you
come back come back come back

Preeti said...


hee hee...


you are absolutely right! Thanks!


not me. but one of us ...yes!!! she 's crazy...:-)))) and she has already started the preparations for Wimbledon...I CAN'T WAIT!!! :-)


he totally is!!


i accept your dare...full on!!! :-)


yyyyep he did... :-)


hey girl!!! am sorry. have not been visiting your blog. and where am i supposed to come from if i havent gone god did that make sense???